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45 BYN/day

The electronic stabilizer Zhiyun Crane 2 v3 - the world's first 3-axis stabilizer with integrated focus control for Canon, Sony, Panasonic. It also supports all other DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras and camcorders up to 3.2 kg in weight without focus control.

Due to the new system optimized algorithms and engine designs, the stabilizer has high sensitivity to movement, accurate and fast control. Focal Crane wheel on the housing 2 offers three levels of focus control, and also allows you to control the focus accuracy in real time with an accuracy of 0.02 degrees through a cable connected to the camera to the subject always remained in focus during the movement.

The stabilizer is ergonomically designed for functionality and performance: Easy to use control panel, joystick, the focus controller, as well as intuitive OLED-display make it easy to manage. The display on the control panel supports instant interaction between a user and a camera stabilizer. The intuitive interface makes it easy to monitor the status, battery level, control mode and camera settings, allowing complete control over every detail.

Multi-function control panel extends the capabilities of the camera. To change various parameters such as TV mode, AV, ISO and EV, can either push or rotate the control disk. It provides direct control of the camera, even without the use of mobile applications. The sixth generation algorithm Instune Algorithm System implements a regulator 50% increase in engine torque and a 100% improvement in response speed.

The maximum useful load of 3.2 kg, thereby making it possible to set all models DSLR and mirrorless cameras, which is in the market to give a smooth and comfortable shooting even in extreme conditions. We recommend not to overload the regulator weighing more than 2.8 kg! Three lithium-ion rechargeable battery type 18650, with high energy efficiency and a capacity of 6000 mAh, provide the maximum length of the device up to 18 hours. Moreover, Zhiyun Crane 2 can power the camera in real time, even if there are no batteries (only for certain models of Sony).

The stabilizer is equipped with durable quick release plate, which corresponds to the Manfrotto standard that allows you to quickly install it on the stabilizer or tripod. It also features a slow-sinking if you turn off the camera, which allows you to avoid sudden fall of the equipment when disconnecting stabilizer.