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Monitor Lilliput Q7 7" - on-camera monitor is the solution for professionals in the field of photo and video shooting. 7-inch LCD with Full HD resolution of 1920x1200, high contrast ratio 1000: 1, wide viewing angles of 170 ° and high brightness of 500 cd / m². Realistic colors The Lilliput Q7 monitor has a 7-inch LCD display with 1920 × 1200 Full HD resolution, 1000: 1 high contrast ratio, 170 ° wide viewing angles and 500cd / m² high brightness, which gives the monitor excellent image quality.

4 times sharper image than on a conventional monitor. New advanced features integrated YRGB peak, chronometer (time code), oscillogram (waveform), vector scope, sound level indicator and many others. It is optionally possible to use several modes simultaneously. Oscillogram (waveform) in PiP mode Oscillogram (waveform) in horizontal mode Full screen mode Metal case Thin (22mm) proprietary metal case, perfectly protects the monitor from vibration, drops and adverse environmental conditions. Thanks to this, the life of the monitor becomes longer.

SDI-HDMI Cross Conversion Thanks to the presence of HDMI and 3G-SDI inputs, you can easily control several high-quality video signals. In addition, the video signal supplied via HDMI can be converted and output via SDI-out, and accordingly, on the contrary, the input SDI signal is output from the monitor via HDMI. Pixel Zoom (Zoom) The Pixel Zoom function built into Lilliput Q7 allows you to enlarge any area of ​​the image, which allows you to see the details of the picture. Additional Supporting Functions More professional features help users precisely control the image when shooting movies, taking photos, and playing / viewing.