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Set includes:
20 BYN/day
The Aputure Light Dome mini II 55 cm softbox - is the compact version of the Light Dome II. The 55 cm diameter allows the softbox to be used to soften lighting in confined spaces such as in a small room or office. Like the older model, it can be used with a powerful LED video light. A special feature of the octabox is the system of fast assembly of the structure. 16 rails are already connected to the base and for assembly it is necessary to move each of them into working position. The spokes are securely fixed with a special mechanism. The whole process takes about one minute (we managed to assemble it in 15 seconds!) And does not require much effort. The softbox can also be disassembled quickly and easily: you need to unclip the lock at the base of the rail and move it to the position for transport or storage. Aputure Light Dome mini II 55 cm comes with a magnetic mount for 185 mm helium filters. The filter is located at the base, directly behind the light source, followed by internal and external diffusers with a diameter of 175 mm and 545 mm, respectively. The depth of the entire structure is 290 mm. All of these ingredients create a soft, artistic light. The honeycomb that comes with the softbox is designed to reduce the scattering angle by 40 degrees and, accordingly, to obtain even softer shadows.