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35 BYN/day
Shoulder rest Tilta TT-0506-A15 Sony, Blackmagic - solution for reportage shooting If you are a professional reportage photographer, then a system with a shoulder rest will save you from the difficulties associated with hand trembling during shooting The design is equipped with a shoulder rest pad and two-handed grip, which reliably protects against unwanted vibrations and trembling. The camera itself is located on the side of the operator's head. Thus, he can walk around without unnecessary inconvenience, survey the area, and address people. This model is compatible with the TiLTA BS-T05 15mm support (on which the camera is mounted). Place the camera on the support, adjust its tilt and rotation and you can start shooting. Comfortable design The handles are equipped with soft attachments. You will be able to shoot video for a long time, without fatigue in your hands. The design is easy to assemble, does not make whistles, squeaks and other noises that can ruin the video recording. And the aluminum alloy from which the model is made ensures the greatest possible lightness. The ergonomic design makes using the shoulder mount system holder as comfortable as possible. The kit includes a hard case for storing the kit - an excellent solution for frequent and long trips