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Camera Blackmagic Production Camera 4K - it is a professional portable camera formats Ultra HD TV, and 4K, having widescreen sensor, Super 35mm, high-quality personnel gate, mount under the replaceable optics EF and recording in compressed file formats CinemaDNG RAW characterized by the absence of visual loss, Apple ProRes 422 (HQ), as well as RAW. An integrated touch screen allows shooting monitor, change and enter metadata directly from the camera.

Also, the camera embeds the uncompressed audio data directly into ProRes-files, which completely eliminates the need to synchronize the recorded sound on the stage of postproduction. In addition, Blackmagic Production Camera 4K has one output 6G-SDI, which allows to use the camera for a live-production in the Ultra HD format. Super 35 sensor support framing format and features of formation of the image of existing lenses. The sensor has a framing shutters, providing superior image quality when panning, and the minimum crop factor will allow beautiful photograph general plans for wide-angle lenses.

If you are working on HD-project, then you will like the possibility of framing a zoom without loss of resolution. After down-conversion project from 4K to HD you get a very smooth and clear image. Camera Blackmagic 4K Production Camera comes with the EF mount lenses, allowing you to install it not only Canon EF lenses, but also Carl Zeiss lenses with the appropriate adapters. Format Ultra HD 4K, characterized raster resolution 3840x2160 pixels is four times higher than for the same parameter 1080HD format. In other words, Ultra HD 4K image is horizontally and vertically twice as many pixels as compared with 1080HD. Luggage Blackmagic Production Camera 4K includes Thunderbolt technology, characterized by high data transmission speed of 10 Gbit / sec. When connected to your computer Thunderbolt port allows you to capture images on an internal or external storage system.

In addition, Thunderbolt-connection makes it possible technically accurate waveform-monitoring directly during the shooting (requires Blackmagic UltraScope). LANC protocol is a standard method for remote control professional cameras. Blackmagic Production Camera 4K has a standard 2,5 mm jack plug for connection to external controllers. With their help, the operator can remotely control the start and stop recording, focal length and aperture (LANC cable is not supplied for rent Blackmagic 4K). Integrated SSD-camera recorder provides 4K-recording material in formats ProRes 422 (HQ), or compressed CinemaDNG RAW. Upon completion of shooting, the user can simply connect the SSD-drive to the computer and proceed to install or grading material directly on the disc. The disc can be formatted in the HFS + file system, or exFAT, which ensures its compatibility with Mac and Windows, as well as directly in the camera. Recording time format is 4K ProRes disc of 240 Gb - 36 minutes for the disc volume 480 Gb - 72 minutes. Blackmagic 4K camera is not equipped with drives and card readers - they must be ordered separately in the section "Discs and recorders," depending on the planned recording format.

Many of the traditional cameras are recording material in rare file formats, the conversion of which is necessary to spend a considerable amount of time before proceeding to the stage of postproduction. Blackmagic Production Camera 4K saves material in the file that is already compatible with current editing application. Wide dynamic range sensor Super 35 can be matched with a range of sampling desired file format, allowing to color correction gets more detail in light and dark areas of the image. If you prefer to work quickly, then simply select the video graphics mode and shoot in the normal color REC709 space.

The capacitive touch screen provides easy navigation through the menus and change a variety of camera settings, such as recording format, the opening angle of the shutter and other parameters. Double-click on the screen allows you to quickly zoom in and fine-tune the focus. One click will display the metadata page, where the user can enter the number of double, search tags, scene number, time code and other information. Metadata can also be assigned automatically based on user preferences. This information is stored directly in files and seamlessly recognize popular applications for editing. Thus, the management of files at the stage of post-production becomes much more comfortable and orderly. The dynamic range of 12 stops allows to obtain an image, the quality of which is significantly exceeds the capabilities of conventional video cameras and even camera-class high-end. The entire dynamic range of impeccably preserved in ProRes- and CinemaDNG-files, so that the image acquires a "film" quality.

Capture more detail, sealed chamber sensor, providing greater creative possibilities for grading in DaVinci Resolve system. At the stage of correction, the user can adjust the brightness of shadows and light areas in any direction, while retaining all the details of the image! Blackmagic Production Camera 4K uses standard connectors that make the need for any special cables never arise. 6G-SDI-connectivity supports output to a resolution Ultra HD or traditional HD SDI-one cable. Thunderbolt connector allows you to connect the camera to the notebook and use the included UltraScope application for waveform-monitor in real time. The microphone and audio line with 1/4 "connectors provide high-quality audio recording in uncompressed format.

Also, the camera has a power input of 12 - 30 V DC, 3,5-mm jack for headphones and a remote control LANC port. The presence of the internal rechargeable battery makes Blackmagic Production Camera 4K truly portable high-resolution camera. battery capacity, according to the manufacturer, enough for 90 minutes of continuous recording. Information about the remaining charge is displayed. Power input with a wide voltage range of 12 - 30 is compatible with professional external batteries that allow not only to shoot a lot longer, but at the same time to charge the internal battery. For long shooting on the road, we highly recommend to use an external power supply, such as battery type V-Mount and power facilities for them.