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Set includes:
25 BYN/day
The Rode NT-USB Microphone - is a versatile studio quality USB microphone. Fully compatible with major audio recording applications on Windows, Mac OS and Apple iPad platforms. For use on an Apple iPad, an appropriate USB adapter such as the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit (not included) is required. NT-USB is equipped with a (3.5mm) jack for monitoring sound from a microphone in real time with zero latency, as well as for listening to the mixed sound that goes to a computer / iPad with sound from the microphone itself. The Rode NT-USB microphone is a multifunctional side-address device, maximally suited for recording musical and vocal compositions, spoken language, including podcasting and voiceover. This version is equipped with recording add-ons capable of receiving an external microphone, for example, GarageBand, RODE Rec, etc. This allows you to adapt the microphone to almost any popular Windows, Mac, and Apple iPad applications. Successfully using the device with an iPad will require the Apple Camera Connection Kit to be connected.