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65 BYN/day

Spectrometer C-700 Spectromaster - the first compact spectrometer that measures the characteristics of light from any source (LED, halogen, fluorescent or natural). Moreover, the linear CMOS sensor SpectroMaster C-700 allows measurements up to 1 (nm), capturing needle even LED spectra and fluorescent sources that provides unparalleled accuracy of color measurement.

Measurement of the characteristics of light from various sources
measurement characteristics of light from various sources: LED, halogen, fluorescent, tungsten, incandescent lamps and natural light pulse with an accuracy of 1- of nanometer (nm) wavelength output of 380 to 780 nm.

Measuring Pulsed Light

C-700 series instruments measure light electronic flashes and is displayed on the color screen of the necessary information on the white balance compensation filters, a spectral plot. The color temperature is displayed in degrees Kelvin, lighting - in LC or LC / sec. Start-up and measurement of pulsed light is using PC-cable or wirelessly.

Measurement range color temperature
wide measuring range color temperature (from 1,600 to 40,000 K) and light (from 1 to 200 to 000 lux continuous light, and from 20 to 20 480 Bridal pulsed light), in both digital and film mode, which provides the flexibility and accuracy of measurement of any light source in any demanding studio or outdoors.

Comfortable design
The measuring head rotates 270 °, the calibration in the dark without a lid, a large 4.3 "color LCD touch screen, the user settings.

large color touch screen
Intuitive large color touch screen (4.3 inches) provides easy navigation, quick selection, easy to read measurements and spectral data.