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Set includes:
35 BYN/day
Panasonic Lumix G Macro 30mm f/2.8 ASPH lens. MEGA O.I.S. - Micro 4/3 30mm / 60mm Macro Lens (35mm Camera Equivalent) Realistic Macro Shooting Great depth of field and zoom options allow you to achieve great image quality, whether portraits or close-ups of flowers and food. This lens has an extremely short focal length (only 0.105 m), so photos of flowers and small objects are very realistic.

Ability to capture 240 frames per second
The lens is equipped with a stepping motor, due to which the focusing process becomes even softer and quieter both when recording video and when shooting still images. When using the lens with LUMIX G cameras, you can enjoy all the benefits of a highly accurate autofocus system. In this case, the speed of digital signal exchange between the camera and the lens will be 240 fps, and auto focusing will take no more than 0.5 seconds (from infinity to 0.105 m).

Compact and rugged metal body
The optical system of the lens consists of 9 lenses arranged in 9 groups, including an aspherical lens. It provides high optical efficiency while remaining very compact. A high-quality internal optical system provides excellent resolution and contrast both from close and far distances. And the stylish metal body is perfect for LUMIX G. MEGA O.I.S. (optical image stabilizer) The optical image stabilizer in the lens effectively compensates for hand-shake.