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Set includes:
100 BYN/day

The Dedolight DLH400D HMI 400W halogen light - is a 400W single-ended metal-halogen lamp with an unrivaled focus range and light quality. It can operate in 575W mode with the same lamp in the configuration with the electronic ballast DEB400D Flicker Free. Paired with a projection head, the IMAGER DP400 has impeccable optical performance. When comparing with photometric data from other manufacturers, it should be noted that almost all other light sources have a normal “bell-shaped” light distribution curve (a hot spot in the center), while the Dedolight instrument graph invariably shows uniform intensity in the entire illuminated area.

Typically, photometric data determine the intensity at the center of the beam. Comparing light sources with a higher power consumption can have higher indicators in the filling mode, at the same time, the useful return from Dedolight over the entire illuminated area, surprisingly, will be greater. In a narrow beam, Dedolight easily exceeds the intensity of the center of the beam of other devices that have a radically higher level of energy consumption.