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Osterrig Solaris RGB New
Set includes:
40 BYN/day

Osterrig Solaris RGB video light is a professional Russian-made video light. The functionality is similar to the popular Astera Titan.
Osterrig Solaris offers great possibilities for illuminating the work scene. It is designed in the form of classic long light tubes and provides a very wide beam of soft diffused light without the need for a softbox or any other light modifiers. The color temperature is adjustable in a very wide range from 2400 to 10,000 K, while the illuminator demonstrates a very high CRI 95+ color accuracy, it is worth noting the R9 value of 90% - this is the red color accuracy (which many manufacturers prefer not to specify at all, so bad for her). The R9 value is very important for rendering skin tones, among other things - a low R9 value results in pale, greenish skin. The device is equipped with its own display, through which you can set all the parameters, it can also be done via a remote connection. The illuminator can be controlled via a mobile application for iOS and Android - via Bluetooth, as well as via Wi-Fi using the AP (Access Point) and AN (ArtNet) protocols, the latter allowing you to divide the illuminator into several segments (from 1 to 24), each of which will be controlled as a separate source, with its own color and brightness. You can rent Osterrig at our rental in Minsk Irbis Cinema Rental.

Specifications of Osterrig Solaris RGB:

- RGB colors: addressable LEDs + additional white channel
- Color temperature: 3200-8000K and RGB mode
- Power: 40W; brightness RGB 1300 lm + white channel 1600 lm
- Color rendering indices:  CRI 95+%, TLCI 91%, R9 90%
- LCD display
- Control from mobile devices without additional equipment and complexities
- Ability to combine several lamps into groups for joint control (for best synchronization, we recommend group up to 10 lamps)
- DMX and Wi-Fi interfaces for inclusion in the circuit of the lighting system
- Battery life up to 8 hours
- Dimensions: 1000x40 mm weight 1.1 kg