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25 BYN/day
Aputure Fresnel F10 - the 250 mm fresnel lens is equipped with a Bowens mount and is suitable for working with an LED source LS 600d Pro, increasing the maximum brightness to 340%. Like the Fresnel 2X, the F10 uses two optical elements, with one of the lenses featuring an aspherical surface. Changing the illumination angle is possible in the range of 15-45°, depending on the angle of the Aputure Fresnel F10 lens, the maximum illumination intensity of the LS 600d Pro device will be: 15° - 224200 lux per 1 m; 45° - 89200 lux at 1 m. The device supports the installation of additional light-shaping accessories, the diameter of the front mount is 333 mm or 13.1". .65 kg.