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Tamron 45mm f/1.8 Di VC USD Lens - to take a leap forward, Tamron has revisited optical design and redefined key lens specifications. Our attention to the smallest detail has resulted in the most advanced optical and mechanical design of Tamron's New SP series lenses, which claim to be the benchmark for functionality and elegance. Fast prime lens specifications: 35mm and 45mm lenses are the first two models in the new SP series When developing these two standard prime lenses, we aimed to deliver performance that would set them apart from conventional lenses. This required a new approach. To achieve exceptionally high performance optics, we have revised all key performance criteria. For greater shooting freedom, the VC image stabilization mechanism has been closely integrated with the optical and electronic design of the lens. We have paid great attention to reducing the minimum focusing distance. Ergonomics is a key element of our design concept - the contours of the lenses are carefully calibrated, the lenses fit well in the hand and are comfortable to work with. Switches are larger and smoother; a special font improves the readability of the inscriptions. Optimizing all performance, we have developed exceptionally high quality lenses that deliver outstanding performance at F / 1.8. These lenses are suitable for both APS-C and full frame cameras. 1. Fast F / 1.8 fixed focal length lenses for exceptional performance Optimal use of state-of-the-art glass elements combined with Tamron's world-renowned optical technology and meticulous compensation for any type of chromatic aberration to enhance resolution and accurately reproduce material texture and fine details with clear gradation of tones. With a maximum aperture of F / 1.8, you can shoot even in very low light. In addition, the bokeh (background blur) effect obtained with an F / 1.8 aperture is very soft and smooth transitions between the subject and the background. 2. A closest focusing distance unmatched by standard lenses Both models have an impressive MFD (closest focusing distance) unmatched by other standard 35mm or 45mm lenses. Photographers can take close-up shots, discovering new possibilities and new facets of photography. Exceptionally high image quality is provided over the entire range from closest to standard shooting distances. This is made possible by the fact that both lenses use Tamron's proprietary floating focus system. 3. VC image stabilization system for multi-megapixel cameras VC function is useful for any shooting conditions, especially for shooting in low light. It is indispensable for shooting without a tripod to compensate for camera shake. Multi-megapixel cameras are especially sensitive to small vibrations that can degrade image quality. The VC mechanism helps you achieve maximum image quality even in low light, unleashing the full potential of the fast f / 1.8 aperture. 4. User-friendly design and attention to detail Opening a new page in the book of fame of the legendary SP lenses, we have integrated the latest advances in optics and mechanics, as well as the most modern engineering processes into this model. We have carefully checked every detail and function of the lens to create the most comfortable and ergonomic device possible.