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ZEISS Supreme Prime 35mm T1.5 for rent New
Set includes:
260 BYN/day

Lens ZEISS Supreme Prime 35mm T1.5 - ZEISS has announced a new set of lenses based on the line of Supreme Prime, but are intended to create a "controlled glare." Lenses Zeiss Supreme Radiance Prime have a special coating T * Blue, allowing to obtain in the frame to create patches "appropriate atmosphere", but it does not reduce the contrast or transmittance.

Usually, the classic lens flare lead to loss of contrast or partially across the area of ​​the frame, which just wanted to avoid the output of constructors. In addition to their specular behavior, new lens cover modern cinematic widescreen sensors and thus compatible with the latest models of cameras, such as Sony Venice, ARRI Alexa LF, Mini LF and RED Monstro. Furthermore, they have a wheel diameter of 95 millimeters with successive focus rings and diaphragms, and weigh approximately 1500 grams.