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65 BYN/day

Atomos Shogun 7" Monitor Recorder - This HDR monitor recorder, mixer, designed for film and video professionals can use the Shogun 7 as an autonomous field monitor, switcher and recorder for maintenance. a variety of activities, both outdoors and in the studio. The novelty is perfect for working on a documentary film, shooting large-scale scenes in the studio, film and TV series, where several members of semnochnoy team (focus puller, lighters and filmmakers) requires constant is synchronized ovannoe picture display on all monitors the set. Shogun 7 also allows you to monitor and analyze the image to affix tags during recording and, thanks to the withdrawal possibilities for real-time HDR-content in the standard Dolby Vision, you can see how your picture will look on Consumer HDR-TVs. Thanks to the Shogun 7, you'll never be dependent neither on the recording format, either from the camera manufacturer.

Monitor, record, and toggle between live with 4 HD-SDI video signals, as well as use a single output stream Program at its sole discretion. Enjoy the freedom asynchronous thread switching and synchronization of the input and output that will allow you to integrate devices without dopolgnitelnyh Shogun signal 7 into an existing infrastructure. Shogun 7 offers the ability to record 4 ISO SDI format to HDp60. Once you're done recording material simply import Atomos xml-file in your favorite NLE on the Timeline perensutsya all markers and tags that you put down during movie recording.

Write 4K-Video has become a necessity for videographers. Thanks to modern java.lang.Object, you can capture the video signal format to 4Kp60 via HDMI 2.0v or Quad Link, Dual Link and Single Link SDI with any camera that is able to write in this resolution and with the frame rate. If your project requires slow-motion shooting, Shogun 7 will allow you to capture a channel in the 2K resolution and 240fps. Directly on recording video course you will be able to affix tags to mounting the material all your labels moved to the Timeline Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere or Avid Media Composer. And Shogun 7 forgets about the sound: ISO recordable in each program channel and attaches the mixed analog audio and embedded setereo 2 channel digital audio. The program stream is always written analog sound and embedded with digital cameras, which is switched to match the image and the sound track.

The latest technology Dynamic AtomHDR, developed by Atomos, provides a contrast ratio of 1,000,000 power indicator: 1. Great display device combines unique from the combination of advanced LCD- and LED-technology, which combination provides the mapping of deeper black and saturated colors compared to competing OLED-display, and in addition also possess a high brightness color reproduction and error free modern LCD. Objects on the screen look like never realistically, without losing detail and complex textures without losing the spectacular color gradations. Overall, Shogun 7 - this window, which offers the most detailed and realistic look at your image