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700 BYN/day

The Arri Alexa Mini PL-Mount -  is an ultra-compact camera weighing only 2.3 kg. It combines the basic characteristics and capabilities of the AMIRA and ALEXA XT models, while being optimized for mobile use with stabilization systems, copters, cranes, etc., supports 4K technology. HFR up to 60p, as well as HDR (High Dynamic Range) capture for new displays with high dynamic range. Mini is capable of recording 2K ProRes videos with a frequency of 200 fps and 2.8 K ArriRAW video - 30 frames per second, on internal CFast 2.0 and 60fps cards if you use a Codex recorder. The main distinguishing feature of the ARRI Alexa Mini mobile camera among modern compact digital cinema cameras is the real possibility of transmitting the film style of the image.

The compactness of the camera allows DoP to be very close to the actors without violating the integrity of the scene, using wide angle high speed lenses. In the cinema and broadcast industries, today they use the Alexa Mini camera as the main camera on the set. Alexa Mini, according to video experts, meets all the necessary requirements of a high-end digital camera. Hardware and Software from Xilinx based on the Spartan 6, Virtex 5, Artix 7 FPGA platforms allowed ARRI to realize the most ambitious goals: In addition to high technical characteristics, the Alexa Mini camera also features reliable transmission of plastic images captured on film. The Kodak Cineon Log technology, previously successfully used by ARRI in the Arriscan film scanner, helped to achieve the similarity of video and film images. Together, ARRI, ON Semiconductor, TowerJazz, Cypress adapted Arriscan technology for the Arriflax D20 / D21 camera. The uniqueness of the technology was in the development of a low-noise sensor CMOS Alev3 with dual pixel reading. The 8.25um pixel design and pastel color of Bayer RGB filters provide a striking resemblance to gelatin film. The package includes the Alexa Mini K0.0010045 camera, USB-flash memory, 2.4GHz Antenna, a set of tools, a brief description, documentation on CD, as well as 4: 3 and Arriraw licenses.