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Sony Alpha a7S II Mirrorless Camera - incredibly compact and lightweight, the Sony Alpha 7S II features exceptional ISO sensitivity up to 409,500, low noise levels for stills and movies, very wide dynamic range and full-frame movie shooting 4K direct to memory cards! The camera's autofocus system is built on 169 contrast points. In addition, 5-axis image stabilization is built into the Sony Alpha 7S II camera. The 12MP full-frame 35mm Exmor® CMOS sensor provides a very wide dynamic range and low noise at all ISO sensitivities thanks to an optimized design with gapless integral lenses and large light cells. This, in turn, provides a high level of detail in both dark and light areas under virtually any lighting conditions. The BIONZ X image processor used in the Sony Alpha 7S II has been optimized for improved performance. With 169 AF points (25 contrast AF points and 9 center AF points, each subdivided into 16 segments), this camera's AF system ensures accurate focusing in stills, even in low light up to EV-4. What's more, the autofocus speed for Full HD movies is now twice the speed of its predecessor, the 7S. Eye AF is now also available in Continuous AF-C. It allows you to automatically maintain focus in front of a moving subject, making framing tasks easier. Expanded Spot AF has been added to AF area selection modes. If the selected AF point is not precisely positioned on the subject, the Sony Alpha 7S II will automatically use the closest AF points around the selected AF point for precise focus and optimal sharpness. At the same time, the Sony Alpha 7S II offers advanced white balance correction capabilities (twice the blue / amber steps; four times the magenta / green steps) compared to its predecessor 7S, allowing for the finest white balance adjustment possible and more natural color reproduction. Camera image stabilization is equivalent to a shutter speed of approximately 4.5 stops and effectively compensates for five types of camera shake. The Sony Alpha 7S II is also a professional camcorder as it supports 4K video recording directly to a full-frame readable memory card (QFHD: 3840x2160). Full readout without pixel binning allows for minimal moiré and jagged edges. Support for XAVC S format allows 4K video recording at a maximum bit rate of up to 100 Mbps. Direct recording to a memory card and 4K output via HDMI are available in full frame. Simultaneously, the Sony Alpha 7S II introduces new dynamic range profiles that can now be expanded to 1300% for smoother gradation, accurate color reproduction and the ability to easily adjust shooting parameters. The tone reproduction performance for the S-Log3 gamma profile improves from dark to medium tones (18% gray). The S-Log3 gamma profile can be adjusted in 14 stops. S-Gamut3.Cine reproduces the wide color gamut of the DCI-P3 color space. And the gamma display function allows even in S-Log gamma mode to view images with natural contrast levels by converting S-Log2 and S-Log3 gamma to ITU709 standard (800%) for preview and for checking focus as through the viewfinder. and on the LCD screen. The Sony Alpha 7S II camera supports full readout without pixel binning and a recording rate of 120 fps. In addition, at 120fps, recording directly to the memory card and playback in 4x / 5x slow motion at 30p (25p) or 24p are supported. And the improved zebra pattern gives you convenient exposure control, which is especially important when shooting with S-Log gamma settings. The Sony Alpha 7S II has a wider range of video signal levels, and the ability to adjust the acceptable values ​​simplifies exposure compensation. Another useful image parameter function that allows you to adjust image parameters and characteristics before starting video recording. Image profiles allow you to adjust tint settings, color settings, and detail. You can save and apply up to nine profiles (PP1-PP9) of the adjusted parameters in combination with other settings, including the new S-Gamut3.Cine / S-Log3 and S-Gamut3 / S-Log3. The camera also supports 4K and Full HD video signals and provides