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Set includes:
190 BYN/day

Showplus LF01 CO2 Heavy Smoke Generator - а heavy smoke (low smoke) generator that produces thick white fog that spreads across the ground and creates the effect of clouds. The smoke flow can be changed using the handle, thereby adjusting the intensity of the smoke. Heavy smoke does not rise above 0.5 meters and after heating completely disappears.

A full load at a time is 5 kg of dry ice, which is enough to ensure the operation of the generator for 5-6 minutes with an average handle position. Also, an electronic thermostat is installed on the heavy smoke generator, with which you can control the temperature of the water. The heavy smoke generator SHOWplus LF-01 is an analogue of the more expensive foreign devices from Chauvet and DjPower.

Thanks to domestic production, the SHOWplus LF-01 low smoke generator has an order of magnitude lower cost than its competitors and is in no way inferior in quality. Moreover, we have implemented a number of improvements that allow you to work with the heavy smoke generator more flexibly and comfortably.