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Set includes:
20 BYN/day

V-Mount 140Wh KINGMA VLB-140W battery - suitable for movie cameras, camcorders, LED lighting fixtures with V-mount. V-Mount 140Wh battery is suitable for Blackmagic Ursa Mini, RED Epic, RED Scarlet, Sony Video 4K Digital Cinema Broadcast DSLR, LED Light, Monitor, HDCAM, XDCAM and other camcorders. V-Mount 140Wh Battery is suitable for Aputure LS300x, Aputure LS300d, Aputure LS60d, Aputure LS60d, Boling 72w, Boling 120w, Soonwell FB-22 150W 3000-5600K, Soonwell FB-415 250W 3000-5600K, Soonwell FB-42 300W 3000-5600K and others.

The V-Mount 140Wh KINGMA VLB-140W battery has D-Tap and Jack 5.5mm outputs - 14.4V 10A, as well as a USB output - 5V. Can be used to power any V-Mount device. Kingma batteries are CE, FCC, ROHS compliant and have a built-in intelligent protection board that allows you to overcharge, discharge, monitor temperatures, and protect against overloading the battery.