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Set includes:
20 BYN/day
The Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 Black - instant camera is what a modern Polaroid would look like today if the company were still making cameras. The camera replaces the Instax Wide 210. Fujifilm has ditched the rounded curves and sparkling design in favor of a two-tone black and silver design that looks more voluminous and better resembles retro film cameras. The photographs with this camera measure 8x10 cm (3.4x4.25 inches) - twice the size of mini film. One Instax Wide 300 Cartridge contains 10 Instax Wide Instant Film Cards. To load a cartridge into the camera, simply open the back cover and place the film inside the camera. The Instax Wide 300 uses four AA batteries (included with camera rental). Like all instant cameras, the Instax Wide 300 is a great party camera. Photos will never be as sharp as on a professional camera, but they are full of character that will evoke emotions in you every time you look at them and hold the photos in your hands. Instax Wide 300 is very easy to use - you press a button and the camera takes a photo, there is a powerful bright flash. There is enough space on the frame of the instant photo card to write a small message or draw a tiny picture. The instant snapshot becomes like a gift: "Here is a photo for you to keep (hopefully forever) and cherish." Who doesn't love receiving gifts? Rent an Instax Wide 300 camera and take unique photos, one of a kind. Even if you take the second shot, it is not the same.