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The Nikon AF-S Zoom-Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8D ED MK IV - is a professional high-aperture telephoto zoom lens for Nikon full-frame cameras. The Nikon ED AF-S Nikkor 80-200mm 1: 2.8D has a gold ring near the front lens - a high quality mark for Nikon lenses. Of course the lens is made in Japan. When using the lens on Nikon DX cameras, the lens EGF will be 120-300mm. The Nikon ED AF-S Nikkor 80-200mm 1: 2.8D version is sometimes referred to as the Nikon 80-200 / 2.8 MK IV, as it is Nikon's fourth-class 80-200 / 2.8 autofocus lens.

The optical design includes 18 elements in 14 groups, and this is the first new optical design in the lenses of the 80-200 \ 2.8 series, before that all versions of MKI, MKII, MKIII had the same optical design with 16 elements in 11 groups. Also, the optical design of the Nikkor AF-S 80-200mm f / 2.8 IF-ED monster includes as many as 5 ED glasses. Nikon ED AF-S Nikkor 80-200mm 1: 2.8D has a very convenient focusing ring. On the lens itself, near the front lens, there is a focusing distance scale with a mark for an infrared shift of 80mm. The manual focus ring rotates approximately 120 degrees from infinity to 1.5 meters. There is a focusing mode switch on the lens, there are two modes 'M / A' and 'M'. Also, a focus limiter can be found on the lens. The limiter can be in the 'Full' and 'infinity-2.5m' positions. In the first mode, the lens focuses from infinity to MDF, and in the second mode - from infinity to 2.5 meters.

Please note that the limiter does not work when focusing manually, you can always focus manually from infinity to 1.5 meters. Also, between the focus ring and the zoom ring, there is an area with three dedicated buttons. The buttons block automatic focusing when you press any of them, sometimes it is very convenient to use instead of the 'AF-L / AE-L' button located on the camera body. Auto focus is fast at any stop position. At 80mm focal length, the lens focuses slightly faster than at 200mm focal length. Auto focus is quiet enough. It is very nice that Nikon ED AF-S Nikkor 80-200mm 1: 2.8D has internal focusing and internal zooming type. When focusing and when zooming, the lens does not change its size at all, and when focusing and when zooming, the rear lens remains stationary. Autofocus with this lens will work on all Nikon CCDs. The lens has a tripod socket, the tripod socket (collar) can be removed.

The lens uses 77mm ‘professional’ filters. In general, the lens is very heavy, Nikon ED AF-S Nikkor 80-200mm 1: 2.8D weighs 1440 grams without a tripod socket. The kit comes with a huge awesome hood HB-17. The lens hood can be worn backwards, and you will lose access to the focusing ring, and it will be difficult to zoom. Also included is a very nice case CL-73 for transporting the lens. Important: the lens has an iris control ring. In order for the lens to start working normally on modern DLCs, you need to set the f / 22 value on the lens and click a special switch near the aperture control ring. After such manipulation, it will be possible to control the aperture from the camera itself.