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Set includes:
130 BYN/day
Ready Rig GS vest - is a special vest for many hours of work for operators. READY RIG is a modern unloading vest with special mechanisms, thanks to which you can hang a camera in a body kit up to 15 kg. Thanks to the vest, the load is distributed evenly on the operator's body, easing the hands. The cables help to hold the camera without any effort, you just point the camera in the right direction. If you need to lower or raise the camera, then you can easily do it. The READY RIG GS vest stabilizes the image along the Y axis. Easy to assemble (within 5 minutes). Light weight and small in size for transportation, it is more effective support than EASY RIG. You can apply this ReadyRig, EasyRig vest to medium camcorders (as well as Blackmagic Cinema, Blackmagic Production, Canon Cinema, Sony FS, RED cameras) mounted on three-axis electronic steadicams. The working weight with which the redirig can work can reach from 1kg to 15kg. You can also use the vest for the DJI RONIN 3-Axis Stabilizer and DSLR cameras as long as the weight of the kit is within the limits specified for use.