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Set includes:
60 BYN/day
The Rokinon Xeen 20mm T/1.9 - is a professional lens designed specifically for cinema. The entire lens design is optimized for professional performance and maximum quality results. The lens is designed for full-frame cameras, but can also be used with smaller sensors. On a full frame camera, the angle of view of the lens is 94.8º, on Super35 / APS-C it is 63º. All optical elements of the lens are coated with branded coating. Aperture with 11 rounded blades provides a more natural image of brightly lit objects and beautiful bokeh. The inscriptions on the focus and aperture scales are duplicated, which makes it easier to use the lens. The focus and aperture rings are standard threaded to allow the use of virtually any follow focus system. The distances between the rings and their diameters are the same for all lenses in the Xeen series, allowing you to quickly change the lens and eliminate additional adjustments. For maximum smoothness and precision, the focus ring has an extended travel of 200º edge-to-edge. All lenses in the series have a front diameter of 114mm, which also makes it easy to change lenses when shooting. The lens is made in a metal case and is designed for daily professional use. For ease of mounting and reducing the load on the camera mount, the lens is supplied with a “foot” mounting platform.