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Set includes:
30 BYN/day
Boling BL-2250PB 72W 3200-5500K video light - is a powerful LED panel containing 1092 super-bright LEDs with continuously adjustable color temperature - 3200-5500K and professional CRI 95+ color rendering. The power of the LEDs is 72W, which is approximately equivalent to 600W of incandescent lamps, the luminous flux is 6700 lumens. Lighting angle 45 degrees. The brightness is infinitely adjustable from 10 to 100% without flickering and changes in light parameters. The digital value of the brightness on the LCD control panel of the illuminator. The Boling BL-2250PB case is made of lightweight and durable aluminum, which also dissipates heat well. The weight of the illuminator without accessories is about 2 kg, and the overall dimensions are 56x32x5.5 cm. The Boling BL-2250PB is powered from a 220V network via an adapter, or from a V-Mount rechargeable battery. Universal power supply makes it possible to use this lighting device not only in the studio, but also outdoors. The universal mount allows the BL-2250PB lightbar to be mounted on any lighting rack.