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DJI Ronin RSC 2 New
Set includes:
60 BYN/day

DJI Ronin RSC 2 Electronic Gimbal - With a maximum payload of 2.5 kg, it has a foldable design and the ability to record in vertical format. In the new version, stabilization algorithms have been updated, making the device suitable for shooting dynamic scenes. The case houses an inch OLED display. The stabilizer is compatible with many modern camera models, for example, BMPCC 4K, Canon 5D MK III / EOS R5, Sony A7R3 / A7S3, Nikon D850 / Z series, Panasonic S1H / GH5S, Ffrrujifilm X-T4. Full compatibility information is available on a dedicated page on the DJI official website and in the.

The battery is built into the grip of the stabilizer and provides up to 14 hours of operation of the device, please note that the autonomous operating time is influenced by: the weight of the shooting equipment, connected additional devices, the accuracy of balancing and the ambient temperature. Optional accessories can be attached using NATO bars and 1/4 "-20 holes. Each of the three axes has its own locking mechanism. The gimbal features creative modes: time-lapse, full turn, panorama.