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Set includes:
300 BYN/day

Electronic Stabilizer DJI Ronin 2 - is a unique system for true cinema professionals. Additional accessories, including a set of cables and mounts, as well as a waterproof case, will help not only expand the horizons of creativity, but also make the entire workflow even more comfortable. You can fully immerse yourself in creativity without thinking about annoying little things.

DJI Ronin 2 is the perfect tool for translating movie ideas. Improved high-torque engines help the stabilizer cope with wind and large dynamic overloads when shooting from a car. Ronin 2 engines are eight times more powerful than previous models, which allows it to operate at a constant speed of more than 120 km / h with a camera weighing about 13.6 kg. Power goes hand in hand with precision: motor encoders maintain the same accuracy with an error of only 0.02 °. The presence of two batteries at once and the ability to work on only one allows changing batteries without turning off the stabilizer and without interrupting the filming process. Ronin 2 batteries supply power to all connected cameras, monitors and accessories, including the DJI Focus via integrated wires and through connectors, without external wires.