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Insta360 Titan Panoramic Camera - is a professional VR camera with cinematic image quality of 11K for 2D and 10K for 3D, 10-bit color depth and Micro 4/3 matrices on each of the eight lenses. The camera allows you to take photos and videos in 360 degree format, implement panoramic Live Stream broadcasts on YouTube and Facebook, remotely control the shooting process with real-time preview 30fps using the Insta360 FarSight remote monitoring system. In addition, the camera is equipped with 9-axis FlowState stabilization and an integrated GPS module. Cinematic 11K VR Camera In January 2019, at CES in Los Angeles, a new professional camera of 360 degrees with an ultra-high resolution 11K was introduced - Insta360 Titan.

A distinctive feature of the new model was the use of micro 4/3 (MFT) format sensors, which significantly exceeded the vast majority of other VR cameras for professionals in the world market in terms of image quality. The use of MFT sensors, 10-bit color reproduction, bit rates of up to 180 Mbps from each lens, increased dynamic range and 9-axis stabilization create stunning VR image quality with high detail and realistic colors comparable to the standards in cinematography. Key features • Capture 360 ​​° photos with resolutions up to 11K in mono (2D) and stereo (3D) modes. Supported formats: JPEG / DNG (RAW). • Shooting 360 ° video with a resolution of up to 11K in mono and up to 10K in stereo modes. 120fps slow motion at 5K (2D) resolution. 8K video (2D / 3D) with 10-bit color depth. Supported format: MP4. Encoding: H264 or H265 in the camera itself, Pro RES 422 HQ - in post-processing. • Online broadcasting of panoramic video to YouTube, Facebook and other services adapted to the spherical format, with a resolution of up to 4K (2D / 3D). In parallel with live broadcasting, it is possible to record material in a resolution of 8K in the camera on memory cards.

Supported Live Stream protocols: rtsp, rtmp, hls, rtmps. • Remote control and monitoring with a frequency of 30 frames / sec .: directly from a smartphone (at a distance of up to 5 m), using the Insta360 FarSight system (at a distance of up to 300m - ground-to-ground, and at a distance of up to 1000m - ground-to-air). • Sound recording: to an external audio recorder (connecting to the camera’s USB port) - the recommended option, to an external audio recorder (connecting to the camera’s AUX connector), to four built-in microphones (mono). Stunning 11K video detail The maximum resolution of the Insta360 Titan panoramic camera is 11K (10560 x 5280). It should be borne in mind that this resolution is 90% higher than the resolution of 8K (7680 x 3840) panoramic Insta360 Pro / Pro 2 cameras. That is, Titan camera detail is significantly higher (almost 2 times) than 8K panoramic cameras, and not 35%, as some have suggested, simply dividing 11 by 8. Together with the extended dynamic range, excellent color reproduction and 9-axis stabilization, Titan achieves truly impressive image quality. The maximum resolution of 11K 2D and 10K 3D is available for playing in VR glasses using the special Crystall View technology. In desktop programs (PotPlayer / GoPro Player) or YouTube, you can play videos with a resolution of up to 8K 11K resolution for VR glasses !!! Another innovation from the Insta360 brand is CrystalView technology, which allows you to play 360-degree video with a resolution of up to 11K (!) In virtual reality glasses: Samsung GearVR glasses are currently supported, as well as playback using top-end smartphones (iPhone XR / XS / XS Max and newer or Samsung Galaxy S9 and newer). The essence of CrystalView technology is that a full-fledged image is formed only in the area of ​​the sphere where the viewer is currently looking, and the rest of the sphere is not generated at this time. Thanks to this, all the performance of VR glasses or a smartphone is directed precisely to reproducing the visible region, which allows achieving the highest possible resolution.