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Set includes:
130 BYN/day
Flexible video light Soonwell FB-42 300W 3000-5600K - is an innovative solution in the market of lighting equipment for cinema and video shooting. The video light is equipped with modern SMD LEDs in the amount of 1512 pieces and is made in the form of a soft and flexible rug, 121x61 cm in size, no more than 6 mm thick and weighing only 1300 g. At the same time, the power of the SOONWELL FB-42 video light is an impressive 300 W, which is approximately 2400 Incandescent lamps, there is also a variable color temperature of 3000-5600K and a professional color rendering index CRI 95-98, which will allow you to get perfectly correct skin tones, and the angle of uniform illumination without using a softbox reaches 180 degrees. The device is controlled using the remote control, which has a shock-resistant LCD screen with display of operating parameters and touch control buttons, dimmers for adjusting brightness and color temperature, DMX input and output for connecting remote control using the remote control, as well as an antenna connector for wireless control (optional , sold separately). The body of the control panel is made of metal and has a metal wire strap for hanging the control panel. The video light is powered either from the supplied 220 V power supply unit, or from the V-Mount battery, which is attached to the control unit (the battery is purchased separately, recommended power> = 260 W). The SOONWELL FB-42 video light is mounted on a stand using a special folding metal cross, which allows you to get a flat, flat surface.