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50 BYN/day

Lens Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM - is an uncompromising choice for photographers who need maximum quality. The ideal option to rent for almost every genre: stories and wedding photography, interiors and architecture, landscapes - all this thanks to the extra wide minimum focal length, provides a very wide angle of view, a high aperture ratio and focus speed.

One of the most effective focal length range - from the extreme values ​​with extreme perspective (16 mm) to the usual angle of view of 35 mm - a real godsend for the creative photographer, because every step of the focal length in this range allows dramatically to change the image. The optical lens 16 based on the circuit elements, combined into 12 groups, among which there are two aspheric lenses, effectively eliminating aberration.

The image taken using Canon EF 16-35 f / 2.8 L USM II lens, will have excellent sharpness across the frame for each focal distance and a high aperture ratio (f / 2.8) ensures the quality of shooting in low-light conditions. The lens is equipped with an ultrasonic actuator, which is responsible for a smooth and quiet autofocusing.

Almost round the aperture (in the range of up to f / 5.6) improves the reproduction of point light sources and the pattern blurs. The front of the rim during operation is fixed, making it easier to use gradient filters and nozzles, circular polarizers, and others.