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Set includes:
85 BYN/day

Lighting The Kinoflo Flathead 80 -  is a eight-lamp, four-foot fluorescent lighting fixture. Flathead 80 was developed as a source of unusually soft diffused light, which could be mounted on the wall in the shooting pavilion, i.e. be lightweight and compact enough, and have a stream of light, like a large studio device Image85. At the development stage of the device, the Flathead 80 case was planned to be made of plastic, as in the very popular 4Bank 4ft device. But the size of the device turned out to be large enough, and, to ensure the necessary mechanical strength, the body of the device was made of metal.

Nevertheless, the device was not heavy. It has a small mass for its size - 11.7 kg. The Flathead 80 has a high degree of freedom in positioning due to a removable spherical mount for mounting on a tripod or hanging on a clamp. Flathead 80 can be mounted in a solid wall or directly to the decoration. The power of the device is universal. When developing the device, the fact that a large number of specialists working with Kino Flo devices already have ballasts for four-lamp devices was taken into account.

To simplify the work on the set, Kino Flo decided not to develop a new ballast for the Flathead 80, but to use the existing ballast from the 4Bank. Dimmable without changing color temperature, without flickering and high-frequency noise. This is achieved by turning off the lamp and tilting the body of the device to the object. The lamp type used for Flathead 80 is F75 / T12. The device can work with different color temperatures. The color temperature is changed by replacing the lamps; they can be 2900K (KF29®), 3200K (KF32®), 5500K (KF55®). KinoFlo has received high awards for its True Match range with calibrated color temperature. Thanks to this, all devices with True Match lamps can be used in film production, television and for photography.