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Set includes:
45 BYN/day
Gasoline generator Honda EU20i 2kW - Perfect for use with power tools, in the country or a picnic. One refueling lasts up to 10.5 hours of operation, inverter technology, 2 outlets with protection, parallel connection, protection in case of lack of oil, circuit breaker, overload indicator, outlet for 12V output. Almost silent, lightweight and compact portable power station, it produces ideal current that can be used by sensitive consumers. Switching to economy mode and parallel connection possible. The small portable power plant Honda EU 20 sets a new standard in the field of mobile power generation. The honda eu20i generator has a compact design that can save up to 50% volume and 50% weight compared to conventional mini power plants. Complete soundproofing results in low noise levels. Complies with California's CARB exhaust gas standard - the most stringent in the world and applied since 2006. Intelligent adaptation of engine speed to electrical load saves fuel and provides longer autonomy, which can reach 10.5 hours with a single fill of the 4.1 L tank ... Oil free protection, circuit breakers, overload indicator, air cooling.