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Set includes:
50 BYN/day

The Honda EU20i 2kW Gasoline Generator is an indispensable pure sine wave portable inverter generator that sets the bar for weight, reliability and economy. Do you want to spend the weekend with friends outdoors, fishing, hunting? - he will be your reliable assistant! By renting a Honda EU20i generator you can charge a cell phone, connect lighting, JBL music speakers, an electric pump for a boat and other necessary devices for the modern world. The Honda inverter generator will easily start even a miniature photographer girl at an outdoor photo shoot and will be able to connect the necessary photo equipment such as a flash, Astera Titan, Aputure lamps and other lighting equipment necessary on the set. The low noise level of the Honda generator will not bother you either on the job site or on vacation.
By renting a Honda EU20i generator you will not regret your choice, from experience it can work from 5 to 10 hours on one tank filling, depending on the load. 2000 W is enough for most electrical appliances, and the pure sine wave of the generator will save even the most demanding and expensive devices.
The small portable power plant has a four-stroke Honda GX 100 engine and is almost environmentally friendly. If you are an avid angler or a lover of privacy with a tent in nature, then this is your choice. Just imagine that you can take a mini fridge with you and not worry about your products in the heat, or if you are a videographer or blogger who needs to charge the batteries of camcorders, cameras, drones, and even if you need to have time to mount the material in the evening against the backdrop of unforgettable landscapes for a cup hot coffee, but you won't worry about running out of power in your laptop. Renting a Honda EU20i gas generator in our rental service will give you a guarantee of both the full performance of the equipment and its neat appearance! - We carefully maintain our gas generators and perform timely maintenance.

Attention! Gasoline is not included in the rental package. Refueling is carried out with AI-92 gasoline using a filling funnel.