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35 BYN/day

Aputure Lantern 90 - Spherical softbox for creating soft and voluminous fill lighting. Compatible with Aputure LED floodlights with Bowens mount (LS 600d Pro, C300d II, 300x, C120d II, etc.) Diameter: 90 cm. Fabric skirt for control of the lighting radius. Unfolds and folds quickly. Storage and carrying bag included. The professional spherical softbox Aputure Lantern 90 is a lighting accessory for creating an omnidirectional soft constant light in studios and in rooms where photo and video shooting takes place. This model is based on a design similar to the previous modifier Aputure Lantern (with a diameter of 66 cm). This softbox design allows for quick assembly and preparation for shooting. The Lantern 90 has the same diameter (90cm) as the Aputure Light Dome II softbox, but with a larger diffusion surface, which helps the constant studio light to instantly fill large spaces with light. The white diffuser fabric with 1-stage diffusion provides a balance between softening the light output from a point source and minimizing light loss.

Also, the large surface area of ​​the diffuse fabric adds even more softness to the volumetric light. And if you hang this softbox on a pole, you can get almost 360-degree spherical lighting. Removable fabric skirt provides additional light control. It is attached to the top of the softbox with a hoop, and the hinges help create the necessary darkening areas. The Aputure Lantern 90 with a skirt is the ideal solution when you need to illuminate from above, for example, a round table where negotiations are taking place, a game of poker or highlighting a specific area with actors in a large room. The Aputure Lantern 90 Softbox features a Bowens mount for Aputure Point Source studio lights such as the LS 600d Pro, as well as all other Aputure Bowens Mount lights including the LS C300d II, LS 300x and LS C120d II. However, the scope of this spherical (pardon the pun!) Softbox is not limited to the company's own range of LED floodlights. It can also be used with many other manufacturers' studio lighting fixtures using this popular mount.