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Set includes:
75 BYN/day

Aputure Light Storm COB 300x LED Video Light - a lighting device with a two-color powerful LED that can smoothly change the color temperature within 2700K-6500K. Like the other Aputure Light Storms, the 300x is recommended for use in video, film production and live broadcasting. This, among other things, is facilitated by high CRI / TLCI - ≥ 96 color rendering indices and compatibility with a large number of light shaping devices. The brightness indicators of the device depend on the set color temperature parameter, when installing the Hyper 7 reflector:
- maximum value at 3200K - 16200 lux per 1 m;
- maximum value at 4300K ​​- 24300 lux at 1 m;
- the maximum value at 5500K - 20500 lux at 1 m.

The source control unit is almost identical to the 300d II unit, the main change is the presence of a color temperature control. A single device for control and power is also a ballast. The intensity of the light flux smoothly varies from 1 to 100%. On the case there are connectors for two V-Mount batteries and an AC input. To operate the source at 50% power, it is enough to install one battery. Using the Sidus Link app expands your mobile control options. The DMX512 protocol allows you to include the device in the circuit of the lighting system. The ability to adjust lighting using the bundled RC1 remote control has been preserved.

You can use one of nine effects to lightly simulate a certain action behind the scenes: Explosion Flash, Fireworks, Strobe, Lightning, TV, Paparazzi, Faulty Light Bulb Effect ”, “Ripple”, “Fire”. Presets are also available for quickly changing the light temperature: 2700K, 3200K, 4300K, 5500K, 6500K. Bowens universal mount expands the use of Aputure Light Storm COB 300x LED 2700K-6500K, you can rent an additional softbox, nozzle or reflector from our catalog. Compatible Fresnel lens Aputure Fresnel Mount increases brightness to 65000 lux at 1 m.