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Set includes:
150 BYN/day

Vaxis Storm 1000+ video render (350m) - a kit for wireless video transmission over a distance of 350 meters. A great option when working with the operator with hands or using the stabilization system. System features - silent operation, converting HDMI-SDI signals in both directions (you can pick up a signal from any output on the receiver, regardless of what was input). In case you rent a Vaxis directional antenna in addition to this wireless video transmitter, the working distance will be increased up to three times.

That is, the range of the kit can be more than a kilometer. In case you need more, then rent a set of Vaxis Storm 3000 + Vaxis antenna. The range of this kit can reach three kilometers. We also recommend renting a Vaxis Scanner channel scanner for broadcast. He can greatly help out on the site when choosing a channel for broadcasting a signal from the camera to the control room. By scanning the frequencies, you will clearly see which one is the freest. Attention! Mount (stand or nano clamp) for the receiver is not included. Think in advance how you will mount the receiver. It is desirable to mount it at a height of two meters or more. The receiver has 4 holes with a 1/4 "thread on three sides.