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The Canon EF 85mm f / 1.2 L II USM - is Canon's finest portrait lens. For a long time, the Canon EF 85 f / 1.2 L USM II was the only production model with such a high aperture value - until Canon released the Canon EF 50 f / 1.2 L USM lens. In the most challenging lighting conditions, this lens can save your shooting. And background blur and bokeh will satisfy the most discerning photographer. The second version of the Canon EF 85 f / 1.2 L USM II lens differs from its predecessor by significantly faster autofocusing speed and full support for the E-TTL II metering system, which provides for the analysis of the focus distance data transmitted by the lens. The lens is equipped with an ultrasonic actuator USM, which is responsible for quiet focusing with its high accuracy and focusing speed. At the same time, Canon has achieved an increase in the autofocusing speed on the second version of the lens by about 1.6 times compared to the previous version. But if you plan on using it for sports rather than portraits, then keep in mind that the lens' focus speed is still slow compared to the Canon EF 85 f / 1.8 USM due to the large amount of glass inside the Canon EF 85 f / 1.2 L USM II, which, in turn, are responsible for working with optical distortion. Don't give up using this lens in sports photography because of these relative disadvantages - imagine a shot in which a basketball player freezes in flight and the crowd in the background turns into a brilliantly blurred bright background. When using the Canon EF 85 f / 1.2 L USM II in sports, a much faster camera shutter release is a good way to go - you get a lot of shots, some of which are really great quality. Since the lens is electronically controlled by a manual focus motor, the manual focus ring will only function when the camera is turned on. Please pay attention to this - especially after shooting. The inner lens barrel may remain extended in relation to the lens barrel after you shoot (it all depends on the focusing distance), and this, in turn, can damage it. In order to slide the tube into the body, you will need to turn the camera back on and turn the focus ring manually until the tube is completely inside. The focusing ring itself is close in quality to fully manual Carl Zeiss lenses - it moves just as smoothly and smoothly. However, photographers who are not used to manual optics can find it a little difficult to fine-tune the focus. At the same time, the lens is really sharp at all aperture ranges. Already at f / 1.2, you get great quality images. Keep in mind, however, that at f / 1.2 the depth of field of your shot will be extremely shallow - for example, if you shoot a portrait from the shoulders, then moving back to the minimum focusing distance from the subject will only focus on the subject's eye - everything else the face will remain blurred. Close the aperture more or move further! The lens aperture has a rounded shape and is made with 8 blades, which allows you to achieve beautiful blurring of objects outside the field of focus and almost round bokeh rings. The optical design of the lens includes 8 elements in 7 groups. The floating lens design provides an aspherical element. This allows the lens to produce images with accurate color reproduction, excellent resolution, excellent sharpness and contrast across the entire frame. A special light-absorbing coating on the inner walls of the lens, as well as the use of Super Spectra multilayer coating, eliminate the possibility of glare and reflections, which often reduce the quality of images obtained with digital cameras. In summary, we can say that this lens is great for portraits, sports photography, shooting in difficult and low light conditions, and weddings. Also, the Canon EF 85mm f / 1.2 L II USM is a professional L-series lens with superior performance and unmatched speed. With the widest aperture of any modern Canon EF lens, the new model is specifically designed for portrait photography: the EF 85mm f / 1.2L II USM gives you full control over depth of field and guarantees excellent low-light performance. The new lens provides faster AF speed and replaces the popular EF 85mm f / 1.2L USM. Like other L-series models, the EF 85mm f / 1.2L II USM is built with high-precision optics and is built to the highest standards.