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Set includes:
40 BYN/day
Lighting fixture Aputure Light Storm LS 60D 5500K - is a new light for professional or amateur photo-video shooting, where compactness and ability to work without additional network equipment is important. Light Storm 60d allows you to smoothly adjust the power of the luminous flux, as well as the size of the illumination spot in the range from 15 to 45 °. The new video light can be powered from a 220V mains through an adapter, as well as from Sony-NP-F batteries or from batteries with D-Tap output, for example, from the V-Mount battery, which are often used in the film industry. The batteries themselves are installed on a special external platform, thereby allowing the lamp to freely rotate 360 ​​° inside the holder bracket. Another feature of this fixture is the standard Bowens Mount. Thanks to this common lens mount, you can use a variety of existing studio light modifiers such as the Octobox with the 60d. In addition, the new Light Storm 60d is weatherproof to IP54 (dust and water resistant).

- You can control the settings of the lighting equipment using the mobile application Sidus Link
- There are 8 blinking effects: paparazzi, fireworks, lightning, faulty lamp, TV, pulse, strobe, explosion
- Bracket with the ability 360 ° luminaire rotation
- Can be powered by V-Mount battery
- Cooling with low noise fan (18 dB)
- Power output: 60 W
- Operating temperatures: -10 +45 ° C
- Mains supply: AC 100 ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz