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55 BYN/day
The Olympus M.Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8 ED PRO lens - is the first lens in the professional M.Zuiko Digital range. As befits the first model - it really is almost perfect. This is a zoom with a very convenient focal length range (24-80 mm eq.), High constant aperture and amazing sharpness. That in wide-angle, that in telephoto position the lens is sharp already from the open aperture. The versatility of this model is added by a short focusing distance - you can shoot even very small objects. The aperture of the ED 12-40mm f / 2.8 PRO allows you to shoot in evening twilight at relatively low ISOs, and use the lens as a portrait lens: at the telephoto position, f / 2.8 is enough to effectively and accurately blur the background. We add here a well-assembled metal body with dust and moisture protection, quiet and always accurate focusing, a convenient mechanical manual focus ring ... Of the formal minuses, it is only worth noting the likelihood of catching glare and flares when shooting with backlight. Of course, Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED The 12-40mm f / 2.8 PRO is not a cheap lens. But due to its versatility, it is able to replace several fixes at once, and when traveling or when shooting dynamic scenes, when there is no time to change optics, it can be completely irreplaceable.