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Tokina SD 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X PRO DX II - is a fast wide-angle zoom lens with constant maximum aperture for APS-C cameras with Nikon DX mount and not suitable for cameras with full-frame sensors. The second version of the lens features a new anti-reflective coating and a new SD-M ultrasonic autofocus motor, which allows the lens to use autofocus on younger Nikon models.

The lens features a One-touch Focus Clutch Mechanism. To enable autofocus mode, pull the focusing ring forward a few millimeters from the camera. To focus manually, you need to slide the focusing ring back closer to the camera body. Switching requires some effort and is accompanied by a slight click. It is possible to lose focus when switching. Additional information: Angle of view 104 ° - 82 ° (1.5x) Diameter 84 mm Internal focusing Petal hood BH-77A Explanation of the name of Tokina lenses: AT-X (advanced technology extra) - the lens is created using advanced developments, the latest technologies and high quality materials. PRO - Models marked with this mark have a hard aluminum alloy coating for increased durability and an ergonomic appearance consistent with lens performance. AF - the presence of autofocus. DX - only for APS-C Canon EF-S and Nikon DX digital SLR cameras. IF - internal focusing (does not resize or rotate the front element). SD (Super Low Dispersion) glass with super low dispersion is used - it reduces aberration, increases contrast (in dark blue on the optical scheme). AS - aspherical lenses are used (red in the optical scheme).