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The Tilta Armor Man 3.0 unloading vest - is the third version of the exoskeleton, which allows the operator to more easily endure the heavy loads associated with the use of cameras in conjunction with electronic stabilizers, without overstraining his arms and back. The model received an updated design and a load capacity of up to 25 kg. The proprietary mounting system allows you to use the device with large full-sized gimbal format DJI Ronin 2, Movi Pro, Tilta Gravity and ARRI Maxima.

Tilta Armor Man 3.0 Improved Features
Tilta Armor Man III is equipped with new two-position shock-absorbing handles. The manufacturer has designed the exoskeleton in such a way that its handles can be placed over the shoulders of the operator or moved to the side position. This allows for a sufficient degree of movement and flexibility for camera operators. Unlike the previous model, the Armor Man III vest does not have handle attachments on the back. Instead, a triangular fastener was added, which allows you to adjust the range of mobility of the manipulators.

Key features of Tilta Armor Man 3.0
- high level of load capacity - 25 kg
- upgraded support brackets with two different mounting options
- extended range of motion
- two mounting methods for different types of gimbal
- support for common stabilization systems
- compatibility with a wide range of gimbal manufacturers from different manufacturers
- additional support for weight
- easy connection with gimbal
- improved padding for more comfort

Tilta ArmorMan compatible with DJI Ronin 2, Movi Pro, Gravity, Maxima, rent exoskeleton Tilta Armor Man 3, you can at our Irbis Cinema Rental.