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Set includes:
115 BYN/day
Sony FX30 Cinema Line Mirrorless Camera - with E mount, it has an APS-C crop matrix and allows you to shoot 4K UHD (3840x2160) video at a maximum frame rate of 120 fps. The creation of material in 4K is carried out using oversampling technology: compression of the original 6K format into 4K with improved detail. Using an external recorder connected via HDMI, it is possible to record RAW format 4672x2628 16 bits up to 60 fps. With the FX30, you can use over 14 stops of dynamic range to work in a wide range of environments: well-lit indoors and outdoors at noon, as well as in the morning and evening. The camera implements the principle of dual base ISO: 800 and 2500, the noise level when choosing one of these indicators is approximately the same, which allows you to get clearer shots in low light. The Fast Hybrid AF system delivers precise focus even when shooting with a shallow depth of field at 120fps in 4K (QFHD). The tracking function allows you to keep the subject in focus. The Sony FX30 records internally in 4K at 10-bit color and 4:2:2 sampling using Long-GOP and All Intra. This expands the possibilities of color correction, allows you to achieve maximum realism and preserve natural gradation. For post-production, you can output 16-bit RAW images via HDMI to external recorders. XAVC HS 4K, XAVC S 4K, or XAVC S-I 4K formats are used. S-Log3 and S-Gamut3.Cine gamma curves achieve high-quality color reproduction with a wide dynamic range and make it easy to match footage with data from other Cinema Line cameras during post-processing. The S-Cinetone color reproduction developed for Sony's FX9 camera is also used for the FX3 and FX30 cameras, producing images with rich colors and natural skin tones that match other Cinema Line cameras without processing. The camera has a built-in 5-axis image stabilizer. The 7.5cm LCD touch screen opens to the side for easy camera positioning and better visibility when mounted on gimbals.