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Set includes:
25 BYN/day

The electronic stabilizer for mobile Zhiyun Smooth 4 - this is a new flagship mobile stabilizers having professional tools to "squeeze" the maximum of mobile photography. Ergonomic handle design, lightweight and durable composite materials in construction.

Steadicam Smooth 4 - the world's first mobile Stabilizer with Follow Focus - wheel to manually adjust the focus of the smartphone camera. Besides wheels follow focus on the handle stabilizer has zoom adjustment disk recording control button, shooting modes and parameters. On the back side of the handle also has a pair of selectors. The stabilizer has the most advanced controls on the market.

Steadicam has rich possibilities for timelapse shooting - the camera takes pictures at regular intervals and glues them in a spectacular video clip. In addition, you can specify a particular scenario smartphone movement along a predetermined path. automatic following function to automatically follow the object, even fast-moving in the frame.

The stabilizer itself will turn in the right direction. Having the input and output on the stabilizer allows charging himself smartphone, and stabilizer from the external battery without interrupting the recording process. Smooth 4 was conceived as a professional tool. The powerful motors allow to hang even a large smartphone, equipped with an additional lens for shooting.