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Set includes:
125 BYN/day

Tilta Nucleus-M Radiofocus (2 motors) - This three-channel wireless system for a motorized control focus, iris and zoom. Radius of action in a straight line up to 300 meters. It comes with two motors. Possible extension of up to three motors. Apart from the main control unit, which concentrated the focus control, iris and zoom, the package includes two handles, also with the ability to control focus, iris and zoom.

The handles are equipped with mounting type Arri Rosette for quick and safe installation on various rig systems or other equipment with fastening type Arri Rosette. Also in the package includes a mounting system for 15 / 19mm caliper side mount type Arri Rosette. Engines radiofokusa Tilta Nucleus-M have an integrated radio receiver with antenna. Powered via the 7-pin LEMO connector connecting to D-Tap (P-Tap).

The engine can be mounted both 15mm and 19mm caliper. Standard cog in increments of 0.8 in the set. Additionally, the gear can be ordered in increments of 0.5 / 0.6 / 0.7. Engine power is sufficient for free rotation of various film optics. The manual controller (control unit) radiofokusa Tilta Nucleus-M is executed in robust and tight casing. The rear panel and the steering wheel are made of natural mahogany. The manual controller (and handle) powered by two standard batteries type 18650 Charger included. Hours 2 18650 batteries to 10 hours.