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Set includes:
120 BYN/day

The Swit CW-S300 video sender (300m) - is a system for wirelessly transmitting SDI signals over a range of up to 300m. Thanks to the use of WHDI (MIMO / OFDM) and DFS technologies, it provides stable transmission of uncompressed high-definition video signal 3G / HD-SDI (up to 1080p60) to a range of up to 300 m. The signal is transmitted in the range 5.1 ~ 5.9 GHz, not requiring licensing.

The absence of signal compression guarantees the preservation of high quality of the original signal and transmit it with virtually no delay (<1 ms). The latter property is especially important when remotely controlling cameras mounted on cranes, masts, steadicams, drones, etc. Since this is a purely hardware solution, the kit does not require any configuration before work, being classified as plug-and-play. It supports simultaneous operation in one location of up to 3-4 transmitter-receiver pairs and multicasting mode from one transmitter to several receivers (up to 4).

The transmitter and receiver are made in a sturdy metal case and can be powered both through an external source connector and from various types of rechargeable batteries, for which corresponding replaceable adapters are provided. This system is perfect wherever there are difficulties with wiring cameras in real time - on the set for directorial and cameraman control, for controlling drones and remote cameras with signal recording from them, for live broadcasting of mass events and sports competitions.