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Set includes:
20 BYN/day

Battery DJI TB50 Ronin 2 / Inspire 2 - is an intelligent Ronin 2 gimbal battery for the DJI Inspire 2 drone. When used with the Ronin 2 gimbal to increase the shooting time, you can use the batteries in conjunction with the appropriate mount. In this case, the Ronin 2 gimbal operating time can be up to 8 hours. The specific time depends on the type of camera used and the optional equipment connected.

Using a pair of batteries on the Inspire 2 provides up to 25 minutes of flight with the Zenmuse X5S and 27 minutes with the Zenmuse X4S. The new Inspire 2 battery uses more efficient cells with greater overall capacity, as well as an upgraded control unit. Performance at low temperatures has been optimized by a 70 W self-heating system that can heat up to 5 ° C every minute. You can automatically or manually enable this feature. The control unit constantly monitors the status of the battery and transfers all information, including charge level and temperature, to the DJI GO app.