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Action Camera GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition - this camera allows you to shoot an incredible 4K high-definition video at 30 frames / sec and 2.7K 50 frames / sec. and video with a high frame rate 1080p 120 fps your favorite hobbies and travel. New Protune ™ mode settings for both photo and video modes made available to manual color control, ISO, exposure. Water resistant up to 40m, with

12MP aboard the matrix, as well as mode of 30 images per second with enhanced audio system, make GoPro Hero4 Black Edition the best solution among all the action cameras on the market. With a more powerful processor, more high frame rates and even higher image quality than the Hero3 Plus, GoPro Hero4 Black Edition takes sharper video, richer and more detailed. Combined with powerful new features and technologies such as: improvements in the audio recording system, wireless communication, and more - camera GoPro Hero4 Black Edition is the most advanced and the most effective camera GoPro.

Look, manage and share shots with the built-in Wi-Fi and Buetooth Camera GoPro Hero4 Black Edition has a built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ®, allowing you to connect it to GoPro App free app, Remote Smart Remote and to other devices. Appendix GoPro App turns your phone or tablet on any operating system in a live video remote control for your camera, offering complete control of all functions and settings of the camera, preview and playback, and sharing via MMS, email, Facebook and more. You can even stream video online! Wi-Fi Remote Smart Remote allows you to control multiple GoPro cameras from a distance of up to 180 m

HiLight function -. Mark his best moments immediately Function HiLight Tag, a new feature GoPro Hero4, which allows you to mark key moments during the recording time so now you can quickly find your best clips for easy playback, editing, or sharing via GoPro App or GoPro Studio. Just press the dedicated button on the camera or on the Smart Remote, or use the GoPro App App to mark the main points that get the most vivid.

Manage camera has become extremely simple Action Camera GoPro Hero4 Black Edition features a new dedicated button that allows quick access to the camera settings in certain shooting modes. Simplified menu navigation makes the settings more intuitive than ever.

The new regime QuikCapture Be ready to capture the most important moments in any moment with new QuikCapture regime. It allows you to turn on and start recording automatically with the push of a button. Press once to record a video, press and hold for two seconds to take a series of photos. No more concerns about missing persons epic frames. Just click - turn on and start shooting.

Free software and the App GoPro GoPro Studio Expand your experience with GoPro using the free software and the App GoPro GoPro Studio. GoPro app the App allows you to control the camera remotely from your phone or tablet, and also allows you to share your videos and watch the best video on the GoPro channel. Use the GoPro Studio on your computer to create your own video GoPro attractive style to share with the world.