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Canon EOS R5 mirrorless camera - this baby is equipped with the latest processor, intelligent autofocus system, high rate of fire (up to 20 frames per second in photo mode). Autofocus is able to recognize animals, eyes, smiles, fast moving objects. The most important thing is the ability to record full-frame video in 8K RAW! It is also possible to shoot 4k 120k per second (4:2:2). Separately, it is worth noting the built-in stabilization in 5 axes. An excellent camera that will be useful for both beginners and professionals. Whatever you shoot, the EOS R5 lets you unleash your creativity in a whole new way. Capture stunning 45 megapixel photos at up to 20 fps* or cinematic 12-bit 8K RAW videos with full image sensor coverage. A state-of-the-art autofocus system uses artificial intelligence and deep learning, while built-in image stabilization works in conjunction with in-lens IS to compensate for camera shake up to 8 stops* of shutter speed.

Image quality
The EOS R5 will exceed your expectations with exceptional image quality. The new 45 MP image sensor works in conjunction with the DIGIC X image processor, demonstrating the technical advantages of the next generation EOS R system

45 megapixel resolution and the DIGIC X processor
At the heart The EOS R5 houses a new 45MP full-frame CMOS sensor that delivers unparalleled image quality. You will be amazed by the level of clarity and detail, as well as color reproduction, tonal gradation and dynamic range. The new sensor supports an ISO range of up to 51200 so you can capture the highest quality images even in low light with the EOS R5. The unique DIGIC X image processor collects data from the camera's image sensor and generates stunning image files. The camera also delivers lower digital noise at any ISO speed. It improves image clarity with a new correction system and expands the camera's dynamic range with new technologies, an improved brightness auto-correction tool, and highlight priority.

8-stop Image Stabilization
The EOS R5 is the first EOS camera to feature built-in 5-axis image stabilization to protect against camera shake when using lenses without a separate stabilizer; with some lenses, the system provides a stabilization effect equivalent to 8 stops of exposure. However, when a compatible RF lens with stabilizer is attached to the EOS R5, both systems work together to form an intelligent stabilization system that is more effective at preventing blur by reducing various vibrations than traditional stabilizers. This stabilization is sufficient to compensate for camera shake even when shooting handheld using slow shutter speeds. Just imagine being able to choose a slow shutter speed to capture a handheld waterfall - just one of the creative possibilities that the EOS R5 offers to photographers.

Digital video stabilization
5-axis electronic image stabilization also works when shooting video*. This technology, combined with the camera's built-in image stabilizer and lens stabilizer, provides an exceptional level of stabilization. Thanks to it, you can create professional-quality handheld video, which is sure to be appreciated by documentary filmmakers and creative video projects.

Advanced AF Technology
The EOS R5 delivers exceptional autofocus speed and accuracy, and is capable of detecting and tracking moving subjects in the frame. Create images with the highest level of detail and clarity.

Power and performance
The EOS R5 captures 45MP images at up to 20fps. and tracking autofocus. With such high performance, which is provided by the unique built-in DIGIC X processor, you can create images that were previously considered unattainable.