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45 BYN/day

The Hollyland Mars 400s (150m) video transmitter - is a 150m wireless video signal transmission system from the renowned manufacturer of Hollyland, specializing in solutions for wireless data, video and audio transmission. The updated Hollyland MARS 400S model replaces the previous incredibly popular MARS 300 model. Hollyland carefully listened to customer reviews, and this new system solves many problems of the previous model. First of all, the outer case of the MARS 400S is now made of metal, while retaining the same compact and lightweight form factor as its predecessor.

The size of the transmitter and receiver is only 112 x 65 x 23.5 mm (without antennas and batteries), and the device weighs about 190 grams each. In addition, there is now a small OLED display on the front of the transmitter and receiver. This screen displays information about the remaining battery life: a warning indicator of low battery will only be displayed on the screen when the battery is too low, about 30 minutes before it runs out. In addition, it indicates the channel you are using, signal strength and resolution / frame rate of the input signal.

Both the transmitter and the receiver have built-in rechargeable batteries of the L series. The good news for professional filmmakers is that the Hollyland MARS 400S system now has HDMI and SDI ports on the transmitter and receiver. You are no longer limited to just HDMI, like the previous MARS 300 system. K In addition, you can connect the camera via SDI to the transmitter, and the monitor via HDMI to the receiver and vice versa. To transmit video, the MARS 400S uses a 5 GHz frequency band with a line of sight up to 150m, the signal delay is less than 0.1 seconds. Probably one of the most interesting features of the Hollyland MARS 400S is the ability to connect from iOS / Android mobile devices through the app.

MARS 400S supports up to 4 connections through a mobile application. Three modes are available in the application: image mode, balance mode, speed mode. Depending on your needs, you can prioritize what type of transfer you want. For example, you can choose a lower video quality or low latency, or a balance between them. Using the application, you can take screenshots and even record on a mobile device. To connect your mobile device to the MARS 400S, you just need to download the Hollyland application, scan the QR code on the back of the transmitter.

The Mars 400S can transmit FHD 1080p video signals up to 60 fps at a distance of up to 150 meters with delays of less than 0.1 seconds. The device can be connected to the camera using HDMI or SDI connectors, in the latter case, the delay is naturally less due to the features of the HDMI transmission. The system is powered by batteries such as Sony NP-F (can be rented additionally), or the AC adapter, which is included in the rental package. The kit includes a “cold shoe” mount, a pad also designed for mounting, and a USB type B to USB-type C adapter.