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Set includes:
100 BYN/day

The Antari Z3000 smoke generator - is the most powerful smoke machine in the Z series. It has an LCD display that displays all the settings: output volume, time during which the aerosol is released and DMX values. Due to the possibility of easy installation and management, this machine has attracted the attention of many leading world companies in the design and decoration of show programs.

It has a wide range of applications: in clubs, at concerts, in the theater. Z-3000II is a further development of the popular Z-3000X. In the new version, the smoke machine received a new heating element with the patented UNICORE technology and ECO thermal control system, DMX control, a low liquid level sensor in the tank.

The Z-20 remote control (included) is equipped with an information LCD display, a timer, a feed level regulator from 1-100%. In order for the remote control to be lost or damaged, it is attached to the car body. Z-3000II is designed to work in rooms up to 700 square meters. meters, stage use, as well as for outdoor events.