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Lens Canon EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM - this is a professional wide-angle lens that best manifest itself in the full-sized cameras such as Canon 5D, Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 1Ds Mark III or entirely new Canon 1DX. The lens incorporates all the latest developments Canon: anti-reflective coating SWC (sub wave structure coating), aspherical elements to correct geometric distortion inherent in optics and low-dispersion elements to minimize chromatic aberration as a part of the optical circuit. Through this lens perfectly manifest themselves in such situations as a professional interior, architectural, landscape, genre photography and videography.

Extremely high maximum aperture f / 1.4 offers tremendous creative possibilities. According to numerous tests on the diaphragm f / 1.4 lens is sharp, and since the aperture f / 2.0 - very sharp. It can be used in low light conditions without fear of loss of quality. For optical quality of the lens image, the lens corresponds to the optical circuit built on the use of 13 elements in 10 groups using the non-spherical elements and the elements of the low-dispersion glass that has a positive effect on the color, contrast and to minimize aberrations.

The lens is fairly resistant to backlight and loss of resolution on the edges of the frame almost managed to neutralize. Vignetting, noticeable when shooting at aperture f / 1.4, virtually disappears at f / 2.0. In this case the maximum resolution across the frame, according to dpreview.com, is already achieved at aperture f / 7.1.

The very diaphragm in the lens - a occupies 8 petals, rounded shape. This allows you to use it in group portraits and portraits of the "interior", because it gives a soft uniform blur out of focus areas. Built updated ultrasonic motor ring type (USM) makes focus fast and quiet, and the front frame at Canon EF lens 24 f / 1.4 L USM II does not rotate during focusing, which facilitates the use of special nozzles and gradient and polarizing filters.