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Set includes:
105 BYN/day
DJI RS 3 Pro Electronic Stabilizer - with a maximum payload of 4.5 kg, it is equipped with quick-release pads, a fine-tuning knob and an automated axis locking mechanism - all this reduces the time for preparing the device for work and simplifies the balancing process when lens change. The body houses a 1.8" full-color OLED touch screen, which provides a more comfortable workflow setup. The functionality of the model allows you to control the release of compatible cameras via Bluetooth wirelessly. Compatibility information is available on a special page of the official DJI website. To improve image stabilization performance you can use SuperSmooth mode.Additional accessories are installed using NATO rails and 1/4"-20 holes. The RSA/NATO port also allows the stabilizer to be mounted on a crane or integrated into a grid system. The device has a mechanical switch of following modes. The battery is built into the handle of the stabilizer and provides up to 12 hours of operation, please note that the battery life is affected by: the weight of the shooting equipment, additional devices connected, balancing accuracy and ambient temperature.