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Set includes:
750 BYN/day

Light base with an Alimar EALG 75 70 kW generator - we rent a light base on the basis of an Iveco car with an Alimar EALG 75 diesel generator with a power of 70 kW for any task - from organizing the power supply of the shooting area to the power supply of construction crews. All generators are installed in a super-quiet casing, so that the noise during their operation is comparable to the sound of the engine of an ordinary passenger car. Light base loading capacity - 4 tons.

Dimensions of the loading body of the light base 6x2.5 meters The light base kit with an Alimar EALG 75 70 kW generator includes:
- Light base with fuel per 100 km (if traveling over 100 km, then separately paid extra for each km - 1.5 Belarusian rubles.
- 70 kW generator with fuel for 12 hours / shift (if the shift is extended beyond 12 hours, then it is paid extra for the light base / generator / driver-generator in the complex for each additional hour - 60 Belarusian rubles.
- Driver / Generator 12 hours

When renting this light base with a 70 kW generator, you don’t need to think how much fuel you need to refuel for a certain number of hours, we provide a turnkey generator operation. We foresee in advance how many lighting equipment, towns, will be connected, so that there is enough power and there are no blackouts on the site during the shift. A safety bonus in each light base with a 70 kW generator has a generator 3 kW.